1 year-old

David turned 1 year old this week. What an amazing year he had!

We thought a lot about what to do for his birthday. We even consider inviting some of our closest friends to come and celebrate with us. But because the house was too small, we thought they wouldn’t be very well accommodated.  Than we considered having an online party, so our family in Brazil could participated as well. Then with the running to find a new house, we didn’t had time to plan for that.

Even though we are Brazilians, we never wanted throwing a traditional First-year-old birthday party for our son. Not that we have anything against that, but it is definitely not our style. So for his first birthday we did an American traditional birthday party.

We had a small and wonderful celebration. His grandparents sang him happy birthday through the msn with the webcam. His “American grandmother” came to celebrate with us. We were so thrilled that she could come, and he was so happy with everything.

I don’t know if every child is crazy about balloons. Our little boy LOVES balloons! Every time we go to the grocery store  he keeps pointing at the balloons saying: “oh, oh”.  We had balloons and of course a cake. He was so thrilled to walk around the house with his own balloons.

He didn’t care much about the cake. I think it is because he is not into sweets. And of course that is because we don’t give him sweets. But he did dig in the cake and had fun.

We missed have our family from Brazil here with us to celebrate his first year. But we know for sure that we will have an opportunity to have others birthdays. In the future, we even consider having his others birthdays in Brazil as well.

These pictures are for all of you enjoy David’s first birthday.

We sang in English and Portuguese/ Nós cantamos em Inglês e Portugues




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