Yard Sale

yard saleyard sale

Last Saturday I had my first and I would say last yard sale.

I always donate my unwanted things but this time I decided to have a yard sale before bringing the things to donation.  It wasn’t only for the money it was also to experience that.

Little did I know about yard and garages sales so I did a research to find out about it and to get some tips.  I found this yard sale queen lady (http://www.yardsalequeen.com/) who gave very good tips on yard sales.

One of the things that we like the most about our yard sale was to see the characters’ type who would come to check it out.

Here they are:

“The early birds”- They show up before you have the time to set up all of your stuff and either will look around or will ask your for some particular thing.

The Jewelry searches”- They are the first ones to show up and they will ask for jewels. I think they might be jewelry owners or resellers. They will buy your jewel cheaper and get a good deal later on.

“Yard sale’s holders” (they were having their yard sales in the same day that ours) – they were my favorites! I laugh so much. They would come very briefly just to check it out the competition.  We decided to give them some help. We printed a map from our yard sale to theirs to lead people that were coming to our yard sale to go to theirs. My husband even went to their yard sale to tell them that we would do that. This way they didn’t have to worry about coming every time.

“The Drivers” – They would come by and drive in front of your house just to check your stuff from the car. If there was something interesting they would see from there they would stop and look around. If they didn’t see anything they like they would just leave.

“The gang”– They would come in two or three cars and drive to your driveway if possible and would check your stuff. They come together and leave together. Although, one of the guys from the group was left behind in my driveway because his truck got stuck in the grass. Their friends came right after him when he called.

“The Flashers” – they would come and go really fast. Those were the ones who were looking for a particular item. Sometimes they would just come and ask what they were looking for.

The less than a dollar” – The ones who want it to buy something less than a dollar from your stack.

The no-buying type”- The ones who you think will never buy anything from you and they will surprise you buying what you never expected.

The bargains” – They will always offer less for your item even if it is a good price already.

“The Late ones” – they show up at the end when you already packed your stuff. I think they might come for the half prices or free stuff.

Nonetheless, today was I quiet Saturday morning at the Silva’s very different from last Saturday. I am so glad my yard sale was over. I don’t think I would do that again it is really hard working and at the end to have to put your stuff back in the house again it is hard. So anyway I might do a moving sale before we move to our next house.  😉

See you all latter,


p.s. It was also our family fun breakfast!

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